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What type of modifications do your vehicles have?


We have:


- Cars with push-pull hand controls

- Cars with a left-foot accelerator

- Vans (mini-buses) with an electric tailgate hoist

- Vans with a ramp

- Mini buses with safety barrier fitted between passenger area and drivers cabin area (suitable for passengers with challenging behaviours)


Who pays for petrol / fuel?


The hirer pays for the petrol used, the vehicle leaves DHV's depot with a full fuel tank and should return with a full fuel tank. If a vehicle is returned without a full fuel tank charges will occur. (See our standard charges list)


What insurance cover is provided - do I have to pay for insurance?


All of our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance; however, in the event of an accident, a damage excess may be payable by the hirer. See our terms and conditions for further information.


Does the hirer pay tolls and fines?


Yes, the hirer is responsible for all tolls and fines incurred. To avoid hassle, bring your own E-tag / E-pass and use it in our vehicle.
See our standard charges list )

If you do not have an E-tag / E-pass, you can get a temporary toll account from a variety of Sydney providers. Visit http://sydneymotorways.com/tagsandpasses.html to see your list of options and for further information.


Does Disability Hire Vehicles have an office in other locations?


Currently, our sole office and depot is in Mulgrave, NSW (North-western Sydney, near Windsor).


Will DHV deliver the van to Sydney Airport (or say my hotel)?


Yes, ( See our standard charges list ). We also deliver our vehicles all over Australia! Delivery fees are charged on a case-by-case basis, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


Can I collect or leave a vehicle in another city, say Melbourne, Canberra or Brisbane?


Yes, we can arrange to have our vehicles transported to and from another location, paid for at-cost by the hirer. (Also known as a one-way rental).


Can I rent a wheelchair or other mobility equipment from DHV?


Yes, we have an extensive range of wheelchairs and mobility equipment available for hire (and sale) through our sister company- Wheelchairs & Stuff www.wheelchairs.com.au


Who modifies / makes accessible vehicles in Australia?


Visit our links page for a comprehensive list of companies that are modifying/ converting cars, vans, and minibuses for various accessibility requirements.


What happens if I get a flat tyre, run out of fuel or have mechanical problems?


All of our vehicles have priority cover with the NRMA, a 24 hr / 365 day roadside assistance service (similar to Auto club).


What other costs might I have to pay?


Refuelling the vehicle: if a vehicle is returned and the fuel tank is not full, then the hirer will be charged the cost of fuel and a $22 refuelling / administration fee.


Cleaning fee: if the vehicle is returned to DHV in an unsatisfactory state of cleanliness, then a cleaning fee may be charged.


Tolls or fines: the hirer is responsible for the cost of all tolls and fines incurred. The cost of these be charged to the hirer on receipt, plus also an $11 administration fee for each seperate incident.


Delivery and / or collection.


Additional rental charges if you have the vehicle longer than originally booked.


Damage costs to the value of our accident excess amount.


Additional wheelchair restraints: when restraints for more than one wheelchair occupant or extra equipment are needed, surcharges will apply.


GPS- Navman - TomTom rental: we have GPS's available for hire with any of our vehicles, please contact us for availability and pricing.


Hire costs for any extra mobility equipment such as a wheeled shower commode, mobile hoist, ramp, etc.


For more information on these other costs, please see our standard charges list


Should I bring my disability parking permit?


Yes, please bring your own vehicle disability parking permit, as NSW officials recognise permits issued by other authorities.


Will you fit a steering wheel knob for me?


Yes, we can fit a 'spinner' knob, 'quad-fork' or 'tri-pin' spinner to the steering wheel of your vehicle. Please inform us at time of booking of your requirements.

Please see our standard charges list


Do drivers from another country need an international drivers license ? / do I need an international drivers license.


If your driver’s license is issued in clear English an international drivers license is not required. If your license is NOT issued in English an international license is required. We recommend all drivers from overseas familiarise themself with Australian road rules on the website http://www.driverknowledgetests.com/learners-permit/tourist/


How can I familiarise myself with Australian road rules ?


You can use the following site and test http://www.driverknowledgetests.com/learners-permit/tourist/


Do I need a special licence to drive a wheelchair access van or mini-bus?


Not at all! To drive one of our vans or mini-buses for your own private use, a standard car drivers licence is all that is required.


Can anybody drive using hand controls or a left-foot accelerator?


The Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) requires any driver who uses alternative (non-standard) controls, to be firstly assessed for suitablility then, if deemed appropriate, have their licence endorsed for use prior to driving. We do not rent vehicles with hand controls or a LFA to drivers that do not have their license endorsed by their applicable motoring body.

When hand controls or a LFA are fitted, an able-bodied driver may still drive the car as originally intended by the manufacturer.


How much notice in advance do I need to give for booking?


If you require a vehicle for a special occasion like a wedding, Christmas Day or Mother's / Father's Day, or you require a specific model, we recommend you book as far ahead as possible to secure availability. It is often the case that accessible vehicle hire is more limited than accomodation or flight availability, so we would advise you to book your vehicle first!

If a range of our accessible vehicles happen to suit your requirements, then we should be able to assist you with only a couple of days notice (excluding holiday periods).


Can I get a copy of your terms & conditions?


Yes, click here for our Terms & Conditions


Can I get a copy of your Standard Charges List?


Yes, click here for our Standard Charges list

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